Our Services

1. Personal, Business and Not for Profit Tax Preparation
Need to get your taxes filed? We can help you! Whaley & Associates will file your returns accurately and timely. Please contact us for an appointment or simply drop off or mail your tax package to our office. Remember your first tax consultation is free!

2. Full Service Payroll
Need help with payroll? We offer full service payroll from calculating checks to preparing your monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. We can also help prepare Federal Employment Deposits, State Fund Reports, W-2’s, W-3’s and MW-3's. Whaley & Associates can handle all of your payroll needs.

3. Business Accounting
Need help with books? Need a plan to get all of your financials in order for your business? Would you like someone to do it for you and present you with financial reports on timely basis that you can understand? We at Whaley & Associates are capable of meeting all of your financial record keeping needs.

4. Tax Audit Representation
Receiving notices from the IRS because you were audited? We can help you decipher what they want and when they want it. We can help you represent yourself to the best of your ability by helping you fully understand all of various strategies to consider.

5. Consulting
Thinking about buying or selling a house? How about a business? We can help you consider all of your options and strategies as well as your risks and exposures. When it to comes down to your assets and liabilities, seeking the advice of a professional can be very beneficial. Whether it be cost benefit analysis or a long tern capital growth plan, we can help you. Please contact our office for an appointment.

6. Offers in Compromise
Do you owe the IRS a hefty sum? Are you in over your head with unpaid IRS Bills for delinquent or unfiled taxes? We can help you set up a payment plan or even possibly settle for a lesser amount. Please contact our office for an appointment.

7. 1031 Exchanges
Buying or selling business/investment property? Do you have a high capital gain exposure that you would like to defer into the future? We can help you weigh you options and potential tax exposures when buying or selling business/investments properties. We strive to educate our clients of common practice strategies when dealing with real estate investments.

8. Estate & Succession Planning
Do you have a will? Do you have a plan to transfer your assets to family member upon your death? We can help you set up a financial strategy to protect you wealth and ensure minimum tax liability upon your passing. Please contact our office or email us for an appointment.


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